Make money

by valuing your network

Become a business provider

How does it work?

Organize an appointment between our team and your contacts who wish to develop an application.
Our team deals with commercial discussions
You earn a commission of 20% on each purchase from this customer for 12 months.

Why becoming a business provider?

Entrepreneurs, project managers, technical director, etc ... have ongoing development needs, help them and value your network by recommending us.We take care of the commercial management, you will earn 20% on each bill generated.
50 000 €
invoiced to the customer
10 000 €
commission for you

Your Benefits

Generate income simply with a recommendation


We pay you 20% commission on each service to significantly increase your revenue, and take advantage of the opportunities already in your network to generate revenues.


Our team handle the business discussions with all types of customers, you only set up an appointment and we manage all exchanges with the customer.


Every customer brought can help you generate revenue for 12 months.


We have the experience and skills to carry out the product management, design and development of any web, desktop and mobile application.
You receive a commission on each service.
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