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Way to Develop an App

Developing an application, it's expensive and complicated. Studiolabs is an on-demand development service for entrepreneurs who want to develop powerful apps without recruiting.

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Immediate Start
Our team allows you to start any kind of project immediately, define the features of your application in 1 to 3 hours maximum without any knowledge of digital
Unlimited Features
Our team is made of hundreds of freelancers, experts in their fields. We can develop all kind of features.
Decentralized Team
At each stage of development, our projects are divided into missions then distributed to our freelancers team to develop them in parallel
Development on demand
The price of each of your features is defined in a simple and transparent way to allow you to manage your budget according to your needs
Working remotely gives us access to the best talents all over the world
Maximum cost of a feature
Our organization and our technologies allow us to have the best quality/price on the market
5 to +100
Freelancers by project
Each stage of development is carried out by several freelancers in parallel
Development management
Per week
A demo will be organized each week with your product manager to present the latest advances in your project and get your feedbacks.
Working with our teams can help you solve your problems:
Recruiting a team
Finding a CTO
Limited Budget
Scalable team
Technical Expertise
Immediate Availability
Development on demand
Tell us about your project

App Studio allows you to develop all kind of applications

React Native

Why it works

After 2 years and more than 800 freelancers,
we know how to help businesses succeed

Time to Market

Our team is already functional and available now to work with you

The best technologies

Our experts choose the best technologies to build powerful applications quickly and cost-effectively

Boost your business

Improve and develop your business by creating applications to solve the problems of your employees and customers

Master your budget

The price of each of your features is defined in a simple and transparent way to allow you to manage your budget according to your needs
Digital is for everyone, and so are we
Developing an application is expensive.
Not everyone can afford to develop an application with a full team. We are here to make development more flexible and accessible so that everyone can take advantage of digital opportunities.
Tell us about your project

Create features that meet your needs

To effectively solve your problems and those of your customers, your product manager will make a functional analysis that will allow you to define the solutions that solve your problems and therefore, the functionality of your application.
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A method that works for you

You don't need to have developed an application to start creating one.
Our product manager gives you the method and the knowledge to create applications in a few hours.
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