App Studio is an on-demand development service, we provide to companies self-organized teams with the skills and know-how to develop their apps

Say what you want

We do the rest

We manage your project from the first meeting to the delivery of your application.
To effectively solve your problems and those of your customers, our product manager will organize a functional analysis which will allow you to define the solution for each problem and therefore, the features of your app.

Manage your developments

on demand

We use a transparent rating system based on your features.
These features are independent, so you can add, push back, modify or delete a feature at any time without blocking the development of your application.

Work with an expert team

To design and develop your applications, we will cut your features into missions which will be carried out in parallel and independently by our professionals. We can manage any size of project and start your development now.

A 2/3 hour demo will be organized each week with your product manager to present the latest achievements in your project and get your feedback.
Developers, Designers, Product Managers & DevOps
10 to 30
By project
Missions completed
UX, Design, Dev, DevOps, QA
Working with our teams can help you solve your problems:
Recruiting a team
Finding a CTO
Limited Budget
Technical Expertise
Community of Experts
Scalable team
Immediate Availability
Process tested and approved
Creation of automated projects
Development on demand
Ready to develop
your application?

Create features

that meet your needs

From your functional analysis, our UX designers create a prototype of your application. Once the prototype has been validated, we present you a choice between 3 designers from our community who will carry out the branding and the graphic guidelines of your application. With the validated branding, our product managers will distribute the design missions to our community.

Create accessible apps

for every devices

With the prototype designed and validated, the leads developer integrate the graphic guidelines and the common components of the application. Then, the missions are distributed to the teams of developers, according to the device used by the application. Each delivery is validated with a product manager and then technically verified by a lead developer.
Ready to develop
your application?

Create secure APIs

reliable and efficient

Our developers develop the services allowing to connect your applications to your database. The developers must deliver for each service a code containing documentation and tests that ensure the reliability of the service and to avoid any production issue. Each delivery is validated with a product manager and then technically verified by a lead developer.

Create a powerful and scalable platform

Our devOps build your platform by choosing technologies among the most reliable and the most efficient on the market. The infrastructure adjust to your use to minimize costs and to support a large number of users simultaneously. The servers have been optimized and secured by our teams to obtain the best performance.
Let's build your
application together.

They support us

Become Partners

Do you know a company that wants to develop an application?
Promote your network by recommending us, we take care of the commercial management, you will receive 20% on each invoice generated.
You are an SME or a Startup, we help you financing your developments ?
Find your CTO and finance your developments by associating with us, we cover 50% of development costs.