Rize is an on-demand development service that helps companies grow their business by building applications that solve problems for their clients or employees with our decentralized team of freelancers.
A new way to develop apps for enterprises
Digital is a great tool to improve and develop your business but it’s too expensive, the majority of companies can’t afford to hire and manage a developer or team. So We rethink the way we create applications to provide on-demand development to all companies by providing them the best technologie and a flexible workforce to build powerful applications quickly and cost-effectively.
Design your app
Start any kind of project immediately without any development knowledge / experience. You just need to know the proble you want to solve and the action to do it, we do the rest.
A product manager will help you define the features of your application in 1 to 3 hours.
Your designers will build a prototype of you app.
Develop your features
Our team is made of hundreds of freelancers, experts in their fields. We can develop all kind of features.
At each stage of development, our projects are divided into missions then distributed to our freelancers team to develop them in parallel.
Master your budget
The price of each of your features is defined in a simple and transparent way to allow you to manage your budget according to your needs
Ask for all types of features without any restrictions.
Pay only for those you need, without having to recruit or manage a team.
How works our team ?
We build a team that works like a network, our freelancers respond to development requests and get paid when the development is delivered. Each application project is divided into missions which can be completed in 1 hour up to 5 days. All missions are achievable remotely and distributed to all our freelancers.

We use artificial intelligence and automation to generate as much as possible codes and designs in every step of development to help our freelancers in their work and boost their productivity.
Working with our team can help you solve your issues
Finding a CTO
Recruiting a team
Lack of know-how
Limited Budget
Technical Expertise
Scalable team
Process tested and approved
Creation of automated projects
Community of Experts
Immediate Availability
Development on demand
Build the solution to grow your business
We use digital to help companies improving their business by building applications to effectively solve your customers and employee issues
Offer new simple and effective services to your customers and employees
Analyze and improve the experience of your customers and employees with tools and data
Automate your repetitive tasks to increase your team productivity
Work faster and simply by building tools for employees and their partners
Our Lastest Developments
Develop all types of applications
NestJS & Prisma
React Native
A new organization to work with all available talents
We think that talent is evenly distributed accross the world, but opportunities aren’t. To have access to all the available talent, we are an open organisation where work is accessible to everyone.

Each application project is divided into missions which can be completed in 1 hour up to 5 days. All missions are achievable remotely and distributed to all our freelancers.

Like that we provide to everyone, the same opportunities and resources to develop their skills through work.